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Professional skylights manufacturing and installation in Montreal.


Skylights Montreal is a steadily growing company that offers a wide range of products and services associated with them in Montreal. Our passion for creating exceptional quality products and satisfying even the most demanding customers lies at the heart of our happiness. At Skylights Montreal, each and every employee is committed to his work striving to maintain traditionally high quality standards. We believe that high quality products combined with excellent service is the right way to grow our business. When purchasing our products, our clients may rest assured that they have made the right choice. We guarantee our products will serve well for a long time sharing bright light and comfort.

Skylight Manufacturing

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Standard skylights include most popular standard size skylight models. Typically such models are made out of acrylic glass or plexiglass.

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Custom skylight models are the complex structural skylights. These models have an aluminum basis and use glazing instead of plexiglass.



Skylights Montreal manufactures standard and custom design skylights. We offer a wide selection of models and high quality materials. Our products are covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

Contact us now to find out what type of skylight fits best your needs. Our products and services are available in Montreal.

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Skylights Montreal provides skylight inspection services. Our specialists will ensure you get the maximum comfort from using your skylight. The service is available a request.




Skylights Montreal can carry out skylights repair of any kind. We provide free written estimates prior to starting the necessary repairs. All repairs are covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

Skylights Montreal ensures the safety shipping of purchased products by arranging a direct skylight delivery to the construction site or the specified address. Delivery address is to be discussed.


Skylights Montreal manufactures standard and custom design skylights. We also offer a wide range of services associated with our products, which are available in Montreal.

Contact us now to consult with our qualified professionals about the service availability in your region. Free estimates in writing is provided for each service.

Skylights Blog

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We use many types of acrylic glass in skylights production. Strong and lightweight, acrylic glass can easily be shaped into various forms. It has remarkable light transmission properties.

Learn more about skylights! Skylights Montreal can help you better understand your needs and show many interesting solutions according to your preferences and budget. Be sure to visit our blog regularly to keep up with the latest updates, limited time deals, and more! Feel free to contact us any time, our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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Based on their experience, Skylights Montreal engineers recommend installing double or triple glazing into structural skylights rather than a single glass panel.



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